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Your products from wholesaler.


Some of our products are direct from our range of wholesalers and each are listed from their supplier.

Your products from them shall be brand new.

Our range of products are brought from collectors retailers and private collections, so some might have sight defects or flaws but if they have any they are listed and photographed to ensure you are aware before you buy.




Postage and delivery.


Is added to your order before you confirm to pay, so any issues please contact me before you pay for your order.

Orders dispatched within 7 to 10 days of the order being placed but if you require it earlier please contact me and there might be additional fees.

General orders are sent Parcelforce 2nd classes and range from £2.99 to £6.00 larger parcels are charged per KG, so please check the price before you confirm your order.


Cancellation of order and return of item.


Your order can be cancelled up to 14 days from you buying it as long as the box is not opened and in good condition,the item is same as was sent by our company , the item shall not have been taken out or in anyway opened. If there is any issue with the item you must inform me by email and then you have 30 days from when you payed for it to returned but you must pay for the return postage we do not pay for this.


Is your site part of any other company or affiliate to another company


No we are a independent collector and seller that buys stock to sell to other collectors from third parties and apart from listing major companies we have wholesale stock from we are not part of or franchised to any company or trying to use their branded names for selling our collectible items. We are just a collector site selling collectibles.



Confirmation of order.


When you buy an item a conformation email shall be sent.


Tax included in price.


All items prices include TAX.


Payment for items.


Payments are through PAYPAL so when you buy you are redirected to PAYPAL where payment is made through their secure sites, we do not take or keep any bank details this is all keep by third party PAYPAL.


Item Out Of Stock.


We do not take any payments for items out of stock or pre orders.


Use of Site.


This is a collectors site so anyone buying from this site you shall be 18 years and order.

We do not sell toys for children but collectibles for adults. If you are unsure on the age of use on a collectible please check with the company recommendations for this item that is made by them.


Companion section.


Here we get other collectors to advertise their items for sale that you can buy from them via their email but we do not accept any legal or inspect their items for condition or price that is between the seller and buyer all we arrange is an area to post and advertise your picture and the buyer contacts the seller by the email given not JUDDI Collectibles.

To advertise in Companion section.

There is a fee to advertise here and if you email me I shall inform you of the price and terms for advertising monthly.

All items advertised must not be of an illegal or offensive nature and JUDDI Collectibles has the right to decide whether an item shall be advertised and only their decision is not for discussion.

No monies shall be accepted for advertisment until we contact you with the dates your items shall be advertised and agreed.

Your Item shall be advertised for one month from the date given in your email, if you require to keep it advertised for longer then all items are charged extra on a monthly basis.

If your item is sold within that payed month there is no refund for the time remaining of that month, ie if your item sells on the first day then there isnt a refund for the remaining time left or an option to put a second item on sale in that slot, it is one item one price per month or you can take the bigger package that is more expensive and list 10 items per month fees are listed in your application email. For any other information please email me.


Collectible of the Month.


When an item is put for bid it shall be on offer for one week. Each customer can place a bid and as many bids as they like till the time stops that is indicated on page for each item, start time end time. Bidders send their bids by email and are listed on the item page with their relevant initials, Your initials, time of email, date of email and your offer ie IJ05:00 6th Apr £4. The last bid is the one that is the highest bid at the end time indicated on the listing for that item. The bids shall be updated as I get them at various times in the day but I shall ensure that the last bid on the end time is the winner of the item and shall be listed only with their initials time and date to ensure confidentiality and no information on anyone bidding shall be given out to any third parties and the winning bid is only picked at the time by me.